I have had a version of my Game Save Manger Python script designed originally for use in MC360 but changed to you use other images that i could package with the file on my hard-drive for over a month. Last night i designed to get it out have a look, fixed a few things and finalized it off and submitted it to XBMCScripts.com

Its now avaliable via Script Installer and from XBMCScripts.com here .

Its pretty much same code wise to the one located in MC360 but i think i added a extra featureĀ  regarding the sources (Not to sure), i planned to add a ‘ADD Source’ button but didn’t have time to work it in this version and I most likley won’t get time to continue.

If you would like to add a path, it should be able to just add it here

posLoc = [“E:\\UDATA\\”,”E:\\backup\\UDATA\\”, “F:\\backup\\UDATA\\”,Root+”UDATA\\”]

so like

posLoc = [“E:\\UDATA\\”,”E:\\backup\\UDATA\\”, “F:\\backup\\UDATA\\”,Root+”UDATA\\”,”F:\\gamesaves\\UDATA\\”]\

To be on the safe side make sure the source folder exists when u try to add it
So if your interested in expanding it or fixing and you can email it to me and I can update the one on XBMCScripts