Its been over two months approx. since i last worked on Space Invaders, over the past 48 hours i have done a major overhaul, thou the gameplay hasn’t changed much, I had to change the settings to support Nickname and Password for the internet highscores, then had to hook up the listing of the highscores. The big one was actually repairing the local highscores which was broken and then hooking up the internet one.

I also made my own custom DialogProgress so it looks like PM3 and fits the rest of the script. The script is nearly RC1 so stay tuned its can only be 3-4 weeks away a i can feel it.

The highscore system wouldn’t have been possible without the help of RockStar, he orgainazied a site and created a libary for me to use, by previous highscore table on my ISP site was pretty crappy and didn’t always work. I look forward to the site and his Snake. Check out snake over at . Im also modified his language class libary whihc was great for setting up Localziations. Ill post on the XBMC Forums request people to help translate.

Im hoping POST XBMC 2.0 we will see ttf/custom fonts in python so I can get the best effect and chagne some of the game over screens to real font.

I got to level 7 with about 12720 points.

Final things to do are, testing (meaning a lot of playing by me), seeing if people are willing to translate some strings, seeing if people are intrested in making themes for inclution in the RC1 (or depending on what happens might leave strings and themes to the RC2 or the Space Invaders 1.0 release. Other then that im going to write up a manual for it.

So Stay Tunes, This is Donno out.

In case you haven’t seen it this is the trailer i made a while ago (some things have changed quite a bit)