Other project i worked on this weekend was my YouTube.com Script for Youtube.com

The newest feature i added was Video Info, which shows tags, authour, date, ratings and view count. To gain access to this feature I also had to introduction to a contextmenu so I could have a place for people to choose between Video Info and Add to Favorites.

The other big thing I did was skinning support, i made navtive support for PM1,PM2,PM3 and set it up to load a special MC360 version if it detects that you are using MC360, any other skin will use PM3 images that are included in the script.

Hope people enjoy this release

YouTube v1.7a is now avaiable on XBMCScripts.com via script installer or download here

Important KeyMaps

  • -Controller/Remote
  • -White/Info – Shows Context Menu
  • – Y / Title – Shows your favorites that you saved in the script (by usign the Add Favorite button in the context menu)