Okay 2.0 is out the door, so sat down and tried to get some work on Space Invaders done in between talking in #xbmc but that was busy :D.

Worked through did the Internet Profile Settings – (For Setting Nickname and Password and  Creating an Account) for the Internet highscores. More about the Internet highscores will be explained later also fixed the functions to submit the highscores (showning wrong dialogs at wrong times etc).  Big feature i completed was the AutoUpdate – That can check for latest version of Space Invaders on my Site, then download the zip and delete current install and extract new one.

Last Few Bugs are the GameOver which I noticed didn’t seem to work correct and the Life drawer/counter is broken/

Apart from that worked on the Manual for the game 😀 To hopefully cover most of the works. As something things like settings may be a little confusing, I’m just used of what everything does as i made it. I’ll make sure when i release the RC ill turn the Dev Thread for SI into Bug reports etc and create a Script Request/Support thread for help and such.

Donno Over and Out For now