XBox Media Center 2.0 is finally out its been few years since 1.1.0, and  the feature freeze for 2.0 has been on for a while and now it finally out. I went out and grabbed the FAT release by T3CH. Rather nice to see my YouTube script included 😀

Hopefully, I can get my Game Save Manger integrated into XBMC committed into the XBMC Source. Thou still needs a little work before initial release of GSM.

The 2.0 sees the release of FAT 16 and FAT 32 support which is create for those of us with MP3 Files etc. Its only read-only so can’t copy songs onto USB but reading is good enough for now, maybe writing can be added later. The other thing that is included is the revolutionary visualisation called Vortex its cool so give it a try.
I was very busy working on some MC360 stuff for the 2.0 but i ran out of time and need to go to sleep so didn’t get finshed.

So if you use XBMC, the time to update is NOW.

Donno, Out.