Game Save Manager – Downloading

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The past two days i was working on adding Download ability to the save manger. Works rather nicely, still need to tidy up the code and add some messages to tell the users no Internet saves were found or failed to install save. Currently i just install (extract the zip from server) straight into E:\ so no extraction to temp and then validation checking for if files already exist so you have to be sure. I’m sure avanlanch and unleashx do the same thing and don’t give you any warning etc.

Some background, for past few weeks I’ve been working on a Game Save Manager written in C++ code for future integration into XBMC. I see this as a postive step in elimtating the need for Unleashx and Avalanch and even the MS Dash as everything they can do XBMC can do and well XBMC is the only one that lasted.

This is unrelated to Game Save Manager 1.5 which is a python script.

Download Save buttonGSM - Download Save List

YouTube 1.8


After Cocoliso kept complainning to me for a while, i decided fine got a little time and though might as well complete YouTube script using all the avaible API and RSS  to provide infomation. Well couple of the API crosses over with rss so didn’t worry.

Now in YouTube 1.8 you can  view a person profile  (little messy could have toggled cased the info on the left but forgot and oh well), you can enter in a username and view their favorites , the videos they have made and their friends. From the friends you can also look at the friends -favorites,profile,video,friends :D).

It should be on XBMCScripts with in a day or two, so enjoy.

This version is dedicated to and for Cocoliso.