Sorry been busy the last few weeks with school, been studying hard for exams, last one was today and so jumped on working on Game Save Manger for XBMC again.

Progress today [as of writting this it was today, now it was a few days ago], spent a while copying the code from my CVS to SVN, and merging/diff the changes to make sure it was correctly added.

New feature was added, Open up the Context Menu on a Program/Game, and a Go To Game Save will be visible if a save exists for it.

This entry is long overdue i put of finshsing it over the past few days. However i can proudly say My Game Saves is now in the XBMC SVN. Forgot a few files in the inital commit, and also happen to get lock working on it as well so bonus. It still needs a few things fixed/ improved, hope people enjoy this new feature.

On the side note, looked into SpaceInvaders, few little bugs/gltiches/cosmetics fixed, such as the positinging of text on the game over screens and some tweaking around with the code. Hopefuly a release is not to far off.