Thought I would post about my current game developing for the current academic break (summer 2009 to 2010)

I decided to keep it simple, and non complex so I opted to go with re-creating an old classic. Space Invaders. I will probably change the name before its completed/released 🙂

So in case you were born yesterday, Space Invaders is a game in which you control a turret that can only move left or right, and can fire up at invaders from Space. There are a series of rows of invaders coming down which move across the screen with the goal of landing (this is the game over scenario). They can also fire down at you.

The graphics for the game are not my own, they were made by Chokemaniac for the XBMC Skin – Project Mayhem III.

The font used is BitStream Vera Sans a free used by the Gnome Project

Most of work on this will be based from the Space Invader Clone I wrote as a XBMC Script, but using the things I have learnt from that and the things since, I intend on making it nicer to work with. If I get around to completing this, I have considered making an OpenGL ‘version’. so have a 3D aspect to them, and a slightly movable camera.

About the Project

Name: Space Invaders (Current Working Title)
Language: C
Operating System: Microsoft Windows and Canonical Ubuntu
Libraries: SDL, SDL_ttf, SDL_image which load freetype, libpng and zlib

Tools used:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 – This time i went for Visual Studio instead of just SciTe (Scintilla Text Editor), as it has intellsense among other things.
  • Git – Version Control system
  • GNU Make – For building the project with GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) in Ubuntu and with the MingW Compilers.
  • valgrind – For helping find memory leaks, where I forgot to free memory.

Current Progress

Splash Screen is displayed, Main Menu is displayed and navigable (can use the Up/Down) keys to go to the previous or next item, and Enter can select, also Alt+F4 and the Quit item on the Menu both close the game. The about button shows the about dialog (at the moment with out text). So so far the menu is almost complete. I am still in the process of fine tuning some of the system design, I expect to do a minor refactor to improve it once I start the Play Game :). The next thing on my todo list is fill out the About dialog, then shuffle the code/separate it out to separate files and get started on the Game Logic.

Screenshot of the Menu:


Sorry, I am currently not looking for any help on this project, I intend it just as a personal/1 man team project.

I will try my best to keep posting updates about my progress here, sometimes I usually write Blog-like posts while I develop for later posting, and I will try to do the same as I go from now on.

Day One

I didn’t really mention much about day 1, so ill go through it now considered of was sorting out the file layout and committing it to git’s version control. This included the images for the menu, the font and the splash and the source just initialized SDL and loaded the font, the next change was to display the Splash, and the initial gameloop which loops until Quit event is raised. Which spanned about an hour to hour and a half.