Day 6

The better late then never progress update.
This is really backlogged entry, since it was actually done after Day 5, i just never got around to writing it up.

First things first, I changed a few things such that it will use the window headers for non debug builds on windows, so you can make a Windows Application rather then Console. (so it doesn’t have a terminal present).

Secondly added the code that causes the game to pause when you Alt+Tab / or in general loose focus of the window.

Thirdly applied the apporitate tweak such that the invaders will move down when they reach the edges of the screen as they move across.

Fourthly added the skeleton for the game over screen, and added a new invadersAlive varible for counting the number of invaders alive in each row. to save computation, and for testing where to take “the bottom of the invaders” from to determine if they have reached the bottom of the screen.

I mentioned in last update that “went they touch the the bottom, you loose a live and it restarts the level”, however after seeing how the arcade version plays, you just get game over when this happens, so lives are just for getting shot at.

Lastly I added the rendering code to display the information to the Game Over screen, and so I did manage to get that all done, and one little code cleanup to remove the need for a specific Boolean for game over. However since i never posted this 🙂 i never considered what I would do next so haven’t done anything since.

Current full list of TO DO: Is limit the movement speed of invaders based on number of Vader left, add the shields that you can hide behind, allow the Vader to shoot you and add the bonus invader