6th to 8th of January

Day 3 – 6th of January

Freed up my Windows 7 partition, by copying files over to the other one, and installing Win7 into a VHD (virtual hard drive image), and then I installed Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64 from DVD. Then proceeded to install the required packages on the machine to build qemu-async-llvm. I wrote this entry about a week or two after doing it so I am not sure what i did do. but most my time was installing Ubuntu then installing the packages again and copying over the source and trying to compile.

Day 4 – 7th of January

Entries for this day were not fully kept.

Upon searching for something in LLVM on Google, I found a paste-bin posting, which matched the output from the Makefile for this project, it was missing udis86 libraries, I then tracked the submitter of the post since he had attached his user name to it, and found him on IRC (Instant Relay Chat), started talking to him about it and he mentioned he was trying to get it to work with LLVM 2.6 which is what I had been using, he (Joel) was able to get me in contact with Andrew, and we all got talking about it. Andrew sent me the binary for the sjeng benchmark, using LLVM 2.6 this crashes however using LLVM 2.5 it does not. To save time mucking around fixing the project to work with the new version, we decided it was best to just use the old LLVM 2.5 since its still accurate and there should not be any major performance increases from using the newer version. Andrew also sent his source code notes which detail the executing path as well as where some things are located in QEMU and the most useful piece which is his diary that he kept and detailed his progress in. The diary is easier to understand then the thesis and adds extra information about the problems he ran into and how he overcome them. We also had a brief discussion on what I was currently working on and what my direction was at this point.

Day 5 – 8th of January

No entries for this day were not kept. This ends Week 1 of the project.