I was trying to get to sleep last night (22nd-May-2010), and started thinking about projects I would like to make, which lead onto the hosting and project management. During the week I had read the Google I/O talk about Programming on/with Wave. The idea is a robot that will check a subversion repository, and will post to a wave of the changes, etc, so kind of like the emails that you can get as a post-commit script. Little bit of thinking I realised , it may be possible to handle the waving as a post commit hook script. I am hoping to get a chance to look up some more information about Google Wave to see if this is possible .The idea would be if the option has ‘standard layout’, meaning if it has trunk, branches, and tags. It will “do a ‘reply/ threadiness ” of where the thing was branched and continue on there. Granted at this stage I am really not that familiar with Wave or the terminology so bare with me. Since I was in bed trying to sleep I didn’t have access to a computer or the internet to check if someone had already implemented a system like this.

As I was typing this up I decided to have a quick search and sure enough http://code.google.com/p/svn-py-robot/

“A google wave robot to add the log message of a svn commit to a wave blip.”

Ideally I then thought, since I have been using Git lately would be nice to do it for that as well. So will look into that as well. Likewise really why stop there, when you could use wave to post issues and feature requests, and also use it as a forum. So ideally it would be the backend for a website for your project.

I never completed this post so will followed up at a later date.