I present you Latin Invaders. This was for the Adelaide University Game Development Club – Third Game Jam in 2010.
It took about an hour to adapt the existing code base I had from Space Invaders to fit the theme "Every Letter of the Alphabet"

The Latin character sets from the planeta Marineris.
You are the last line of defence and must shoot them out of the sky.

Theme Usage
I choose instead of using the theme in a subliminal manner to go for the superliminal manner (superliminal is a word from the Simpsons)

How to Play
Left Arrow Key – Moves Left
Right Arrow Key – Moves Right
Space Bar – Fires

I will post a download to the source and Window Binary at a later time.



The first step I took was in the InitGame function where it loads the graphics for the Invaders, arrays of SDL_Surfaces were setup to hold the sprites for the Invaders, and setup a for loop to populate this, then changed the existing loading to instead just refer to the some sprites in this array for testing to ensure it rendered correctly. There were 3 structures one for the top set, one for the middle set and one bottom set, which held onto the frames for the particular type of invaders (since there are 3 types). Upon simply commented out or deleting it showed all the use cases. I realised that I could improve the system, I had originally had 2 arrays one for frame 1 and one for frame 2, then I simplified it to be vaderFrames[2][26] but upon realising the structure mentioned earlier took an array of SDL_Surfaces which are the frames so changed it to do vaderFrames[26][2] this allows  it to just go theFramesForVaderZ = invaderFrame[25];. The structure was removed and the code was simplified so each Vader Instance (which has weather its alive or dead), also held a pointer to the frames, which is what the theFramesForVaderZ really is its more invader[25].frames = invaderFrame[25]. That was it, just  fixed hte rendering code to use the new array. The next step was to replace the loading of the player and bonus ship graphics with text instead for added effect.

Cleanup on the data files were performance to removed the unused graphics, since the Bonus ship, invaders and the player graphics were now text based.

Since I had done all my development so far on Microsoft Windows with Visual Studio, I decided to boot up Canonical Ubuntu in Oracle VirtualBox, and quickly found there were a few problems with the Makefile, the first being it always produced SpaceInvaders.exe, so split this into two parts TARGET and EXT (these are variables), the TARGET would be latininvaders and on Windows_NT the EXT would be .exe. The next problem was the run target, on windows launching it with Release\latininvaders.exe is fine but on Linux it should be ./Release/latininvaders so added the RUN command to the if def and yes it uses TARGET and EXT variables.

I was planning on changing the background image with one generated from text but lost motivation and just wanted to get this little project completed. I then ran Radical Image Optimization Tool over certain images to make them smaller. It was quite successfully reduced entire size of all the images and the font to be half the file size of the background image original was. Very nice tool, that I recommend as it features a preview which you can zoom in so you can see the pixels closer to see the differences.