Well last Monday, was the last day for the game jam for the Game Development Club, I had hoped to finish off one of my entries but things took a detour instead. I had gone into university to submit my preferences for working as a prac supervisor/demonstrator. I was initially up in Innova 21 (the new building on campus). Waiting for Wilson to finish with his meeting as he recently got back from China, so there was some catch-up about how that was, and then we met with Lennie for lunch and more about Wilson’s adventures in China was discussed. Now the detour happened when after lunch we ended up in the Computer Graphics lab, as Lennie was working on improving his Distributed Music Player that he first wrote in 2007.

The problem was he was discussion the program and I decided to contribute to explain how I would do it and what he should do however, he turned around and suggested I look at it/ do it. So pretty much for the last three days that is what I have been doing. The work I did was created a new python class that was responsible for holding a number of clients,  able to load the ip list, and able to perform the play, stop and loadFile command on all the clients. I then started using multiprocessing library in Python 2.6 and later to do multi threading however slight problem with that as it uses pickle (serialisation) and network sockets do not like serialisation so rather then try to find a way to get that working decided to just use the threading library which is available in 2.5. Long story short I now have python 2.5 (what i had originally), python 2.6 and python 2.7.


That night I wasted most the night learning how to use Glade and PyGTK, at the end of the night I eventually had a basic GUI up and running as seen below. Glade is a Visual editor for creating user interfaces for GTK. and GTK is a user interface API/ library. However in hindsight I could of ported the existing Client and Host classes to C# and then developed the interface in Visual Studio in about an hour. However on the plus side I did learn a new tool, which could help in the future.


Day two, I went into uni again, hooked up a slider to be the volume bar, and rehauled the interface to have a toolbar and status bar, and moved the buttons to the status bar, introduced a context menu for right clicking on clients, didn’t get that working, had issues passing what client was ‘selected. Added the loading orchrestra files since I didn’t want to make a dialog that had a list of items to select, and this way it was now playable. That night, I added a menubar and an about screen, and disconnect button.


Day three, added the logout button to the menu and created a “question” dialog, which is a dialog that has a "Message or Question”, and an Text Entry area so you can enter. This was then hooked up as the “Connect to a client”, dialog when you right click on the client area somewhere there is not a client. Added Solo and Mute support before going to bed, I was only planning on adding it to the gui and the templates however I started writing comments for the steps to implement solo and mute but i ended up doing the code instead. I actually touched the java code for the node to perform a little cleanup, I removed some unused methods, and variables and changed all the fields to private followed by running a reformatter over the code but only indentation was changed .


Hopefully I will post a follow up later to night.