Game Saves Update


Sorry been busy the last few weeks with school, been studying hard for exams, last one was today and so jumped on working on Game Save Manger for XBMC again.

Progress today [as of writting this it was today, now it was a few days ago], spent a while copying the code from my CVS to SVN, and merging/diff the changes to make sure it was correctly added.

New feature was added, Open up the Context Menu on a Program/Game, and a Go To Game Save will be visible if a save exists for it.

This entry is long overdue i put of finshsing it over the past few days. However i can proudly say My Game Saves is now in the XBMC SVN. Forgot a few files in the inital commit, and also happen to get lock working on it as well so bonus. It still needs a few things fixed/ improved, hope people enjoy this new feature.

On the side note, looked into SpaceInvaders, few little bugs/gltiches/cosmetics fixed, such as the positinging of text on the game over screens and some tweaking around with the code. Hopefuly a release is not to far off.

Game Save Manager – Downloading

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The past two days i was working on adding Download ability to the save manger. Works rather nicely, still need to tidy up the code and add some messages to tell the users no Internet saves were found or failed to install save. Currently i just install (extract the zip from server) straight into E:\ so no extraction to temp and then validation checking for if files already exist so you have to be sure. I’m sure avanlanch and unleashx do the same thing and don’t give you any warning etc.

Some background, for past few weeks I’ve been working on a Game Save Manager written in C++ code for future integration into XBMC. I see this as a postive step in elimtating the need for Unleashx and Avalanch and even the MS Dash as everything they can do XBMC can do and well XBMC is the only one that lasted.

This is unrelated to Game Save Manager 1.5 which is a python script.

Download Save buttonGSM - Download Save List

YouTube 1.8


After Cocoliso kept complainning to me for a while, i decided fine got a little time and though might as well complete YouTube script using all the avaible API and RSS  to provide infomation. Well couple of the API crosses over with rss so didn’t worry.

Now in YouTube 1.8 you can  view a person profile  (little messy could have toggled cased the info on the left but forgot and oh well), you can enter in a username and view their favorites , the videos they have made and their friends. From the friends you can also look at the friends -favorites,profile,video,friends :D).

It should be on XBMCScripts with in a day or two, so enjoy.

This version is dedicated to and for Cocoliso.

Space Invaders Dev Update

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Okay 2.0 is out the door, so sat down and tried to get some work on Space Invaders done in between talking in #xbmc but that was busy :D.

Worked through did the Internet Profile Settings – (For Setting Nickname and Password and  Creating an Account) for the Internet highscores. More about the Internet highscores will be explained later also fixed the functions to submit the highscores (showning wrong dialogs at wrong times etc).  Big feature i completed was the AutoUpdate – That can check for latest version of Space Invaders on my Site, then download the zip and delete current install and extract new one.

Last Few Bugs are the GameOver which I noticed didn’t seem to work correct and the Life drawer/counter is broken/

Apart from that worked on the Manual for the game 😀 To hopefully cover most of the works. As something things like settings may be a little confusing, I’m just used of what everything does as i made it. I’ll make sure when i release the RC ill turn the Dev Thread for SI into Bug reports etc and create a Script Request/Support thread for help and such.

Donno Over and Out For now

Xbox Media Center 2.0

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XBox Media Center 2.0 is finally out its been few years since 1.1.0, and  the feature freeze for 2.0 has been on for a while and now it finally out. I went out and grabbed the FAT release by T3CH. Rather nice to see my YouTube script included 😀

Hopefully, I can get my Game Save Manger integrated into XBMC committed into the XBMC Source. Thou still needs a little work before initial release of GSM.

The 2.0 sees the release of FAT 16 and FAT 32 support which is create for those of us with MP3 Files etc. Its only read-only so can’t copy songs onto USB but reading is good enough for now, maybe writing can be added later. The other thing that is included is the revolutionary visualisation called Vortex its cool so give it a try.
I was very busy working on some MC360 stuff for the 2.0 but i ran out of time and need to go to sleep so didn’t get finshed.

So if you use XBMC, the time to update is NOW.

Donno, Out.

Space Invader Update

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Its been over two months approx. since i last worked on Space Invaders, over the past 48 hours i have done a major overhaul, thou the gameplay hasn’t changed much, I had to change the settings to support Nickname and Password for the internet highscores, then had to hook up the listing of the highscores. The big one was actually repairing the local highscores which was broken and then hooking up the internet one.

I also made my own custom DialogProgress so it looks like PM3 and fits the rest of the script. The script is nearly RC1 so stay tuned its can only be 3-4 weeks away a i can feel it.

The highscore system wouldn’t have been possible without the help of RockStar, he orgainazied a site and created a libary for me to use, by previous highscore table on my ISP site was pretty crappy and didn’t always work. I look forward to the site and his Snake. Check out snake over at . Im also modified his language class libary whihc was great for setting up Localziations. Ill post on the XBMC Forums request people to help translate.

Im hoping POST XBMC 2.0 we will see ttf/custom fonts in python so I can get the best effect and chagne some of the game over screens to real font.

I got to level 7 with about 12720 points.

Final things to do are, testing (meaning a lot of playing by me), seeing if people are willing to translate some strings, seeing if people are intrested in making themes for inclution in the RC1 (or depending on what happens might leave strings and themes to the RC2 or the Space Invaders 1.0 release. Other then that im going to write up a manual for it.

So Stay Tunes, This is Donno out.

In case you haven’t seen it this is the trailer i made a while ago (some things have changed quite a bit) Script

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Other project i worked on this weekend was my Script for

The newest feature i added was Video Info, which shows tags, authour, date, ratings and view count. To gain access to this feature I also had to introduction to a contextmenu so I could have a place for people to choose between Video Info and Add to Favorites.

The other big thing I did was skinning support, i made navtive support for PM1,PM2,PM3 and set it up to load a special MC360 version if it detects that you are using MC360, any other skin will use PM3 images that are included in the script.

Hope people enjoy this release

YouTube v1.7a is now avaiable on via script installer or download here

Important KeyMaps

  • -Controller/Remote
  • -White/Info – Shows Context Menu
  • – Y / Title – Shows your favorites that you saved in the script (by usign the Add Favorite button in the context menu)

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